Designing better digital experiences since 2009.

Since our start in 2009 we organically grew into the first Belgian product design studio where digital technology and design are at the very core. Today we have a portfolio with over a 100 digital products in industries such as publishing, radio, news, finance, government, healthcare & recycling.

be honest, be humble, be proud, be bold, ask questions, share learnings, work together, have fun

We believe that design and technology empower us to challenge the impossible. We question, rethink and continuously explore better interactions between people, technology and the environment. We take great pride in our company values and implement them constantly in the work we do for our customers.

We are a team of strategic thinkers, visual designers, prototypers and technical experts. Get to know us in full HD.

Wouter Vandersyppe Wouter Vandersyppe

Wouter Vandersyppe

Development & prototyping

Maité Cretin Maité Cretin

Maité Cretin

Architecture & prototyping

Pieter Decabooter Pieter Decabooter

Pieter Decabooter

Architecture & prototyping

Liesbeth Bruyneel Liesbeth Bruyneel

Liesbeth Bruyneel

Visual Design & prototyping

Jan Van Lysebettens Jan Van Lysebettens

Jan Van Lysebettens

Visual Design & development

Cédric Brichau Cédric Brichau

Cédric Brichau

Design intern

Anthony Baert Anthony Baert

Anthony Baert

Dev intern

Çiğdem Soysal Çiğdem Soysal

Çiğdem Soysal

UX intern

Gilles Vandenoostende Gilles Vandenoostende

Gilles Vandenoostende

Architectue & visual design

Sébastien Henau Sébastien Henau

Sébastien Henau

Development & motion

Dave Van de Maele Dave Van de Maele

Dave Van de Maele

Managing Partner

Sander Jacobs Sander Jacobs

Sander Jacobs

Architecture & Visual Design

Camille Mabboux Camille Mabboux

Camille Mabboux

Architecture & prototyping

Hans Bosmans Hans Bosmans

Hans Bosmans

Managing Partner

Tycho Martins Tycho Martins

Tycho Martins

Architecture & prototyping

We’re part of the Leap Forward design and innovation group to deliver both flexibility and scale to your projects.